The songs on this CD tell a story of a journey through a relationship. Many of us have traveled this journey from the wondering when it will happen to the falling in love to the break up and the memories. May you all find a song that speaks to your heart and reminds you of a time and place from your own experience...Julie Wood

1 - The Question
2 - You Complete Me
3 - That's What Love Is To Me (Windows Media (1.0 Mb))
4 - The Time Before You
5 - Inexpressible Love
6 - I'll Be There For You (Windows Media (1.3 Mb))
7 - That's Me, When I'm With You
8 - The Flame (Windows Media (1.0 Mb))
9 - Someday
10 - I Miss You (Windows Media (1.4 Mb))
11 - Remember Me
12 - The Lesson

CD Sales and Artist Contact Info: Julie Wood
Studio Information: Spyder Byte Studios